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Oly & Dea Graham


Oly & Dea Graham

Oly Graham
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I was a senior consultant for a firm in Dallas, Texas. I did not agree with the business model - I did not think it was 'upfront' in addressing client needs. It sat on me...

Finally, I had had enough and quit - telling the owner I was going to do this better - not his way.

He is now out of business and we are 23 years strong. Best decision I ever made. Of course, I had to tell Dea I was jobless and starting a business on Monday morning - while we were sitting at a poolside celebrating my birthday with the last $400 I had to my name. And as I was finally telling her, having put it off all weekend, my pager rang - a client. I went and called them and explained I no longer worked for the firm. "Great! Can you take over Monday?"

OCS was born...and a marriage saved! - Oly

(817) 975-1141

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